Are You Essential in These 4 Areas? Part 4: Spirit

Assume you have a one-on-one visit with your Creator every quarter; now live accordingly

— Stephen R. Covey, The 8th Habit

The life of an Essentialist is a life lived without regret. If you have correctly identified what really matters, if you invest your time and energy in it, then it is difficult to regret the choices you make. You become proud of the life you have chosen to live.

— Greg McKeown, Essentialism

1. Live with Purpose

2. Values and Integrity

  • We know we should eat right and exercise
  • We know we should be patient with our children
  • We know we should be loving to our spouse
  • We know we should take time to ponder, meditate, pray
  • We know we should be kind and generous to others

3. A Higher Source

2 Minutes for 2 Weeks



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Adam Washburn

Adam Washburn

PhD Chemist, father of six kids, and local bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.