Conference by the Numbers: April 2024 General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Adam Washburn
2 min readMay 8, 2024
Word count of Jesus or Christ or Jesus Christ at each general conference

Commentary on this Conference by the Numbers will be brief, but I have one item to note. Although I use the infographic to point out novel or interesting words that are emphasized at conference, this conference I wanted to point out some words that are commonly used at every conference.

Every conference, the names of deity God, Jesus, Christ, Lord, Savior are the most common words used (after the normal lexical words such as the, and, of, etc.).

It is interesting and valuable to note that temple is used ~160 times in the April 2024 General Conference which is 200% more than the average past conference. However, it is more important to recognize that the name of Jesus Christ is used over 1000 times. The name of God is used over 400 times. Other names of deity have similar high use (see infographic).

It is also pertinent to notice the increase in the use of the name of Jesus Christ following President Nelson’s October 2019 talk on the use of the correct name of the church.

No matter what other sub-topics are emphasized at each general conference, Jesus Christ is the main topic!

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