We Took Away Our Kids’ Screentime; This Is How We Gave It Back

Source: Hua Hin, Pixabay.com

Enforcing an end to screentime in my house has resulted in bad attitudes, rebellion, tears, and major meltdowns.

Digital Pioneers

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There are a thousand people on the other side of the screen whose job it is to break down the self-regulation you have.

The Nuclear Option

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At that moment, I realized that I hated screentime. I knew my wife felt the same.

Reset your child’s brain

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A constellation of symptoms from exposure to electronic screen media

The Fallout

Source: Denny Müller, Unsplash.com

The kids played with each other. We took trips to the community pool. We didn’t argue or negotiate over screens. It was wonderful!

The Return

Source: Nikolay Tarashchenko, Unsplash.com

The pull of screens was strong…but we only had to do it once a month

Something better, something mindful

Source: Sasin Tipchai, Pixabay.com

You can live with information technologies while still being rightly jealous of your attention and freedom.

I am the master of my time

People matter to me more than devices

I will find joy before, during, and after my screen time is over.

The Result

Source: Jessica Rockowitz, Unsplash.com

We’ve been able to increase the permission to use devices and have had less overall arguing and fighting

What can you do?

Source: Serhat Beyazkaya, Unsplash.com

Join in the journey to end the tyranny of screentime by taking a more mindful approach

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